Tricky Women / Tricky Realities Festival  Trailer 2020 

Director and Animator: Rachel Gutgarts 
Sound Design: Aviv Stern 
Print: Rachel Gutgarts, Noam Horowitz 

Made during Artist-In-Residence at Q21. 
2D digital animation, contact prints on photographic paper. 

A glimpse out of an imaginary nature TV show -
A windy pastoral patch of flora and fauna.

I started looking for inspiration on nature TV shows,
I saw one picture of a female mantis standing on a tree branch,
a dark velvety background behind her,
staring at me with her big bug eyes
- The whole scene had a dark sexual undertone -
the flora and fauna in all it's glory and disgust.
The act itself fascinated me,
explained by the all knowing national geographic narrator,
telling me about natural selection and proteins.

Myths surrounding female sexuality are there to express basic fears
of the unknown. I want to approach the subject with a wink,
Like the female mantis,
I wanted to toy with the same stereotype I wish to devour.